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Spaceship NFTs

Spaceships are the main interplanetary transport links. Obtaining a spaceship is no easy task, however, the rewards it reaps are worth it. Each spaceship consists of multiple NFT modules. Those components are all gameplay drops from the Play-to-Earn games and also can be found from your Underground Research Centers.

There are three main ship types:

  • Cargo Trade Ship – endlessly traveling between planets earning you CNDY token rewards for each trip. Watch your back for space pirates… Ahoyyy

  • Exploration Vessel – those ships carry special equipment to prospect, capture, and drill meteorites. The chem lab on-board looks for CNDY pockets and the bio scanners explorers to discover rare NFTs lost in space for centuries.

  • Passenger spaceships – the only way to travel between Sugarverse planets. If you own a passenger ship you can travel alone or other players can join you on board for a fee to travel to another planet. Huston… we have a problem!

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