Sugar Bear NFTs

To start a journey into the Sugarverse a player must own an avatar. There are non-NFT avatars used for the Free-to-Earn mode, but they are highly limited in the gameplay modes they offer. For most of the game modes and to fully experience the Sugarverse games, players need to own an NFT avatar. Sugar Bears are the main character in all games. Due to the nature of NFTs it makes it easy to have a consistent character fantasy, however, offer immense individuality for each player.

This is achieved with different cosmetic styles but also with custom specifications for animations for running, jumping, fighting, and dancing. Every avatar has special in-game ability, which gives the owner a slight advantage on a certain map type. Each character is truly unique, and players are identified by their avatars by an on-chain verification.

The fantasy behind the avatars was inspired by one of the iconic symbols of confectionary brands – the gummy bears. The name of our avatar collection is Sugar Bears. Their outlook will be predetermined by the crypto faction the avatar belongs to.

In the beginning there are 10000 Genesis avatars. Once they are minted, they can then be traded on the Sugarverse marketplace and on the open markets. Non-NFT avatars used in Free-to-Earn can not be traded on the marketplace.

It was important from the get-go to design the characters in such a way that they can be used in various other partner projects as compatible avatars in the future Web3.

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