Previously released successful crypto projects, companies and games, our advisory board is the solid backbone for the long-term success of the Sugarverse.

Nikola Alexandrov

Nikola is a co-founder and ideator of HydraChain (HYDRA) and CEO of (LOC). He has seven years of experience with liquidity and HFT systems. He co-founded the Bitcoin7 exchange, top 3 by volume back in 2011. CEO of agency. Nikola holds a BA in Business Administration from Portsmouth University.

Anders Christiansen

Founder of Priority Group & an active business advisor in multiple crypto projects. I have operated my own Recruitment company for over a decade, and I firmly believe in providing a genuine human and real considered approach to recruitment with a high level of EQ to our partners. I provide specialist recruitment services within the Blockchain and Crypto space since 2019, representing several exceptional projects at both advisory and consultancy level, having built a number of global teams through careful consideration towards skillset and culture fit, including collaboration with our many partners across Web3 to create engaging teams fulfilling their global ambitions.

James Boyce

Financial Advisor - James has over 11 years of experience in derivatives trading. In 2010 James moved to London where he became a discretionary global macro trader at Tower Trading Group (TTG). While at TTG James gained experience in the traditional markets trading a wide variety of products in FX, Bonds, Commodities and Equities. In 2017 James first invested in cryptocurrencies and started to determine ways by which he could use his experience to profit from them. He moved to Panima Capital Management in October 2018 to further his knowledge and experience, as well as to trade within a hedge fund environment. As the opportunities grew in the cryptocurrency space, James focused his attention in this area, drawing on his wealth of experience in his traditional derivatives trading career. In late 2020 new and diverse protocols started to appear that allowed for new and exciting opportunities. James launched Quinn Digital Assets Fund in 2022 with a focus solely on cryptocurrency assets and decentralised finance.

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