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The Sugarverse is always player first. Our focus is on building a Game-as-a-service model where features will be introduced over time. When putting so much attention to player rewards we have developed several ways gamers will profit from the following:

  • Resale of NFT drops while in the metaverse
    • Avatars
    • Land
    • Buildings
    • Spaceships Parts
    • Build Spaceships
  • Earn gCNDY rewards from gameplay
    • Single player achievement rewards
    • Multiplayer random rewards from wheel of fortune
  • Utilizing buildings within the metaverse
    • Mining Platforms bring annual % yield
    • Trading Terminals bring in % from marketplace fees
    • Spaceships can bring in passenger transit or cargo rewards

Community Treasury

CNDY is a governance token and allows holders to participate in governance decisions with the Community Treasury, using a DAO structure.

Part of the marketplace fees, the multiplayer Play-to-earn game mode margin and part of the NFT minting price is accumulating in the Community Treasury.


For now, these are the primary fees in the Sugarverse:

  • A 3% fee taken from successful sales on Sugarverse NFT assets.
  • A 2.5% Royalties fee taken from every successful sale of the NFTs, which got Royalties.
  • A 1% fee based on CNDY claimed will be charged in gCNDY
  • From the multiplayer rewards will be taken 7% as a margin from all buy-ins, paid in CNDY.


CNDY token has burning functionality. Sum of burned tokens is decided by the community.


Defi stake rewards are introduced at the beginning of the project, until the first planet is ready for its landowners and builders. CNDY tokens can be staked to generate returns and to make the metaverse progression faster for players.

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