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Blockchain technology is used to record ownership of the tokens and to allow their owners to transfer, sell or buy them on the open market. Our backend services will be built using containers and CI/CD pipelines as is all modern software to quickly deploy new functionality. We will be hosted on AWS but we would also write our infrastructure as code in such a way so we can as quickly as possible switch vendors if need be.

We are taking advantage of first-class monitoring tools such as Datadog and Sentry. That way we can ensure the availability of the system and squash all bugs in due time.

We are using Github Actions in combination with CircleCI to run our tests and build containers.

Sugarverse will be built in Unity. Unity is powerful yet streamlined towards quick iteration with tons of functionality available so devs can focus on the core aspects of the game. It is more than capable to run our beautiful game on all platforms that we would like to support.

Design development is a combination of Autodesk, Blender and Adobe products.

Mobile applications will be built using their respective ecosystems - Kotlin and Swift with a touch of React Native sprinkled on top.

DDOS protection is provided by Cloudflare.

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