Guild’s mode is a competitive mode between groups of players. All players are ranked, according to their multiplayer win percentage, which helps guilds attract talent.

Each guild can form a guild treasury, which will allow a guild to pre-purchase gCNDY points. This treasury is used to stake guild members in multiplayer games and take a percentage commission back from winnings. When setting up the treasury the guild master will set up the conditions such as who can access the treasury, how much commission from winnings the guild takes and what games a player can enter.

Guild masters can also hold many NFT avatars, which can be rented out to guild members at a price set by the GM.

There are weekly, monthly, and yearly competitions between all guilds. Players can create or join guilds, only condition is to have a unique NFT avatar. Guilds have their own flags and names. The most powerful guilds have benefits in the games.

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