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Multiplayer mode is designed to accommodate a wide variety of players who wish to engage in active PvP (players vs players). To accomplish this goal in the Sugarverse presents a new 3 player mode (1v1v1) multiplayer mode. This means three players compete against each other at the same time. To join the multiplayer mode, NFT avatar is needed. Each player first enters a lobby with a certain buy-in and gets matched with players within the same buy-in bracket. At the start of the match, the 3 players are faced with a mechanic which chooses a random juicy reward they will be competing for.

Some reward examples are:

  • Up to x1000 multiplier
  • Unique NFTs only obtainable in Multiplayer
  • Cosmetics for their characters

Such reward mechanics make the PvP more rewarding than the PvE, however, a higher skill level is required to win.

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