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Land and buildings

Each planet has its own identity and fantasy, they also consist of ever reducing number of land plots as we approach the 7th planet. i.e. the first planet has more land plots than the last one. Land is as unique as the planet it is on, as a non-fungible and transferable digital asset, which gives owners the right to own and build inside the multiverse. Lands can be united to make bigger plots to construct more/larger buildings.

The world of the Sugarverse is a mysterious and fascinating place with many CNDY pockets or NFT rewards underground waiting to be discovered, so make sure you prospect your land before purchasing and building on it, so you get a taste of what is underneath.

Buildings in the Sugarverse are made of tasty treats and only require CNDY to be constructed and upgraded. Each building is also a non-fungible and transferable digital asset and depending on their purpose or level they can deliver more profits. Each type of building has 3 levels and each consequent one requires more land:

  • Level 1 = 1 Land
  • Level 2 = 4 Land
  • Level 3 = 8 Land

Buildings are divided into five main types:

  • Mining platforms earn you an annual percentage yield. They dig deep into the planet’s mantle searching for pockets of CNDY. Discovery of CNDY is guaranteed and happens at a constant rate. The higher the level the higher the yield efficiency of the platform.

  • Underground Research Centers give you a chance to find NFT treasuries. Using refined sugar radars, they scan the planet’s outer layers and discover items or NFT avatars that are hiding just under the surface. Upgrading the research center, you get more frequent drops and higher magic find to discover and tame rare avatars.

  • The Trading Terminal (Marketplace) gives the owners a part of the fees paid on the Sugarverse marketplace. The global marketplace is accessed via an interplanetary network of trading terminals. Each terminal gives you access to minting exclusive NFTs on top of earning rewards. The higher the level of your terminal the higher the transition volume it can handle so you earn a higher percentage fee as a reward for your participation in the network.

  • Hangars for assembling spaceships. Hangars in the Sugarverse are filled with gummy bears assembling interplanetary spaceships. Inside this building players can connect spaceship parts, which are random NFT drops within the metaverse, and assemble spaceships to expand their horizon to the next planet. The higher the level of your hanger, the faster you build spaceships and the more production lines it can house; your gummy bears get instant PhDs!

  • The Launch Pad is needed to launch your spaceships in space, fuel them up and then send them to missions throughout the metaverse. By advancing your launch pad you can simultaneously launch multiple spaceships. However, take extreme caution when placing the launch pad, the Maple Syrup - 5000 fuel is extremely volatile and sometimes goes bang…

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